Rapid Scout Surveillance Kits

Rapid Scout® Surveillance Kits

Rapid Scout designs and manufactures Rapid Scout® SK, enabling Government, law enforcement, emergency management agencies and Defence to respond to threats to public security in real time.
​These completely autonomous video surveillance kits allow for set-up in minutes and create a powerful perimeter defence tool in any location or situation.
Rapid Scout® SK can be used as a stand- alone option, in covert situations or linked together to create a critical incident lock down tool.
Live streaming is available back to a Rapid Scout® HQ vehicle and/or Rapid Scout® Cloud for viewing and management control.

Rapid Scout® SK is the ultimate mobile surveillance solution. Being completely autonomous it allows for set-up in minutes and creates a powerful perimeter defence tool in any location or situation.

Linked together or standalone, live footage can be viewed on any device and first responders can be sent real-time notifications allowing them to enter a scene with far more awareness.

Integration with other systems and stored data can be converted to a virtual 3D incident record for forensic analysis.

Multiple network connectivity options with bandwidth control to suit any situation.

Choose your own combination

The RAPID SCOUT® SK Mini will require either a RAPID SCOUT® SK or RAPID SCOUT® HQ to operate.

Rapid Scout server kit drawing


  • 3x 48-56v PoE Devices
  • Secure on board storage
  • 4G Modem
  • 1x Omni Directional Mesh link
  • Minimum 3 day battery life
Rapid Scout mini kit drawing


  • 2x 48-56v PoE Devices
  • 1x PtMP Mesh link
  • Minimum 5 day battery life



– Real time local and remote viewing
– Encrypted local and cloud storage
– VCA (Video Content Analytics) for any event
– Two-way audio


– Long range Mesh networking
– Link Rapid Scout® SK together for single page viewing
– Secure VPN to cloud server
– GPS Tracking


– Extensive range of compatible IP devices
– 3x 48-56v PoE devices 
– Modular design
– Water resistant and anti-corrosive housing
– Custom colour and pattern designs


– Complete stand-alone power source
– Bridge battery packs for longer life
– Mains power capabilities
– Minimum 3-day battery powered
– Portable charging options

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