Rapid Scout Lithium Battery Packs

Rapid Scout LBP (Lithium Battery Packs)

Rapid Scout LBP (Lithium Battery Packs) are designed to power all Rapid Scout Kits and devices, Rapid Scout LBP comes in a vareity of sizes and can be inter-connected together to create a larger battery bank or use a solar panel to charge a single Rapid Scout LBP for longer running times. 

Rapid Scout LBP contains a LiFeP04 Lithium Battery, voltage meter, discharge cut off protection, rugged aluminum sealed housing with perforated steel outer casing (IP69), solar panel adaptors and breacketing system. 

The Rapid Scout LBP can come stand alone or with an inbuilt charging unit, with a Rapid Scout LBP containing a charging unit is able to charge all stand alone Rapid Scout LBP while linked together, the charging unit option can also be run via main AC as a trickle charge options allowing the battery to be a backup power supply. 

The Rapid Scout LBP can include an external voltage converter which is a plug-in device to the battery packs end of line to create a higher voltage, which makes the kits able to provide 12v, 24v, 48v and 56v to cater for various devices. 

Battery sizes:
– 43Ah 12 VDC
– 96Ah 12 VDC
– 160Ah 12 VDC

Batteries can be custom designed for client use case, please contact us with details regarding your application.

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